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Grinding Hard

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Selling BTC
  MiPwnYa, Sep 17 2016

I've got quite a few bitcoins and I'd like to sell them for Neteller USD, Skrill USD or Skrill Euro.
PM me if interested (I'll require you to send first unless a notorious trustworthy LPer can vouch for you, or unless you're a trustworthy LPer yourself :D)

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$50 for your time
  MiPwnYa, Sep 16 2016

Hi guys,
I need a favour I promised a friend of mine I'd help her out with her stats assignment but I got sick games to grind and really can't be bothered to do it. It looks fairly easy and shouldn't take too long. I'd ship $50 on stars/skrill/neteller/btc to whoever would be kind enough to do it for me It's due in about 9 hours so time is of the essence I could potentially throw in some PLO content I recorded for students recently as well.
Here's the assignment :

PM me if you wanna help out


edit: Got someone to do it. Thanks a bunch.

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SCOOP Action
  MiPwnYa, May 13 2015

Selling a bit of scoop action :

- 50% of SCOOP-16-H: $2,100 PL Omaha [Heads-Up], $200K Gtd, No Late Registration @1:1 markup -I don't expect field to be very soft and I don't think my heads up game is great by any means, but it still should be +EV. SOLD

- 35% of SCOOP-25-H: $2,100 PL Omaha [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom], $400K Gtd @1.1:1 markup, 6max Zoom is my main game but Turbo tournaments are such lotteries I don't think I can justify a bigger markup than 1.1:1. SOLD

Let me know if interested.

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